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ALLCOMP was founded in 2017 year in Dnipro, Ukraine. ALLCOMP’s main products are SEBS-based TPE compounds; EPDM/PP based TPVs, EPR/PP- based TPO compounds.

Our Company Values 

  • We value our customers:

We acknowledge that we are business partners with our customers to serve high quality products and service in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right price. Our main target is to build reliability, trust, and friendship through integrity and honesty to create healthy long-term alliances.

  • We value our employers:

Our employees are our one of crucial assets and we aim to provide a safe, professional, and enjoyable work environment to create positive relationships and effective teamwork. We strongly believe that their continuous development empowers to exceed our customer expectations.

  • We value innovation and technology:

Our aim to is to become one of the permanent company in the market; therefore, we adopt a strategy to invest in best equipment in the market. Moreover, our goal is to create an attitude of innovation and inspiration in each individual in the company.

  • We value social responsibility:

We follow socially responsible approach to giving back to the communities where we work and live. We pay particular attention on operating in a socially and environmentally manner that encourages our core values and further strategies.

  • We value integrity:

We provide our members, customers, and the business community with the highest level respect, ethical conduct, and honesty. We aim to increase our reputation by providing the highest quality of service and products.